Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Had a 50/50 Chance I'd Like This Film....

  ....and I did!  The thought of watching a film about a 29 year old man who is diagnosed with cancer and has a 50/50 chance of surviving (especially one that costars Seth Rogen) is not exactly the way I want to spend an evening but this film was worth it.  "50/50" starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt ("500 Days of Summer" "Inception"), Seth Rogen ("Knocked Up" "Pineapple Express"), Anna Kendrick ("Up In The Air" "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World"), Bryce Dallas Howard ("The Help" "Lady In The Water"), Angelica Houston ("Crimes and Misdemeanors" "The Grifters") and directed by Will Reiser (known until now as a TV producer and director) presents its subject matter with humor, respect and lots and lots of heart.  I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by Seth Rogen.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt has already proven himself to be one of our finest young actors and his career will continue to rise with his performance in this film.  Seth Rogen plays his best friend and tones down his acting by about 100% compared to his other films.  He brings a much needed sense of humor, coupled with a true love for his friend, that is endearing and very true to life.  Bryce Dallas Howard plays the girlfriend who is in over her head and she continues to be quite an actress.  You can feel her anguish over wanting to be there for her boyfriend but not truly understanding just what he is facing.  Anna Kendrick plays the very young therapist who is assigned to help Joseph and she, too, continues to be one of our finest up and coming actors.  Her scenes with Joseph are some of the best in the film.  Angelica Houston is also superb as Joseph's mom who has always been overbearing and intrusive in his life.  He holds her at arm's length but comes to know that her love for him is just what he needs.  This is a film about the fragility of life, family, love in all shapes and sizes, finding joy, and finding peace.  Never did I think I would walk out of that theatre feeling better than when I went in, but this film achieved that.  This is film making at its best.  

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