Monday, October 17, 2011

Classic Actors Class #2 - A Surprise Choice

Fred MacMurray

"I was lucky enough to make four pictures with Barbara (Stanwyck). In the first I turned her in, in the second I killed her, in the third I left her for another woman and in the fourth I pushed her over a waterfall. The one thing all these pictures had in common was that I fell in love with Barbara Stanwyck -- and I did, too."

Fred MacMurray is probably best remembered as the mild-mannered father on television's hit show, "My Three Sons" that aired in the 1960's, however, he had a storied career in film.  His rugged good looks, as evidenced above, surely helped him to land parts.  His most famous roles were in "Double Indemnity" where he played insurance salesman, Walter Neff, who is conned by the beautiful Barbara Stanwyck, "The Caine Mutiny" where he played the smarmy Lt. Tom Keefer and "The Apartment" where he played Jack Lemmon's boss, Jeff D. Sheldrake.  Fred MacMurray could be sinister and hard-edged, or funny and lovable.  He would be someone you wanted to know and depending upon the role he was playing, it would either turn out to be a good thing or a very bad thing, indeed.  He played cops, cowboys, businessmen, absent-minded professors and Naval officers in films from 1929 through 1978.  If you have never seen his work, I highly recommend the films mentioned above. His quiet demeanor will disarm you and creep under your skin.  

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