Saturday, January 15, 2011

Harry, Ron and Hermoine Have Grown up Right

This is the darkest and most adult of the Harry Potter series - go see it before it leaves the theatres.  I've seen it twice and am anxiously awaiting the final chapter, which just happens to come out the day before my birthday - July 16, 2011.  This series is certainly not just for kids, teens or adults.  It's for everyone.  Never before has there been a series of films that followed a cast of characters quite like Harry, Ron and Hermoine using the same actors.  We have had the pleasure of watching the actors and the characters grow on screen right before our eyes.  Each film builds upon the last one, despite the vision of different directors, with a continuity that is seamless.  Go back and watch each film in order, reread the books, and enjoy the phenomena that is Harry Potter. 

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  1. I loved the film, but was horrified to discover that I didn't remember anything I was seeing - evidently, I only thought I had read the last book! OOPS!!! Thankfully MrB is getting it for me for my birthday on the 10th of Feb :)