Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens - Another Summer Hit?

I think not so much.  In the words of my daughter, I liked this movie....medium.  It had its moments but I found myself checking my phone, watching the people getting up to get food and wishing I could help the little girl looking for her sweater in the row behind me.

"Cowboys & Aliens" directed by Jon Favreau ("Elf" "Iron Man") and starring Daniel Craig ("Road To Perdition" "Casino Royale"), Harrison Ford (everyone knows his movies) and Olivia Wilde ("House" "Tron" "The Next Three Days").  Paul Dano (the angsty brother from "Little Miss Sunshine" and the young preacher from "There Will Be Blood") has a small role that, in another film, could have seemed brilliant.  Instead, stuck here in this film, it is wasted.  As are Sam Rockwell ("Frost/Nixon" "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind") and the young boy, Noah Ringer.  There's even a dog who brings more life to the film than the main characters.  The aliens are fun and the juxtaposition between the wild west and the ultra-modern spacecraft was inspired.  However, this film comes across as confused as to what it is.  My feeling is that they should have either played it as complete camp or played it straight.

My recommendation is to wait to watch it at home - even with the spaceships and explosions.  A semi-large screen is good enough for this film.  It is probably better in fact.  No regrets over your $10.

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