Friday, March 18, 2011

Don't Mess With The Marines...

I should preface this review with this fact:  I love Alien invasion movies.   And "Battle: LA" is a terrific new addition to the genre.  I would certainly never call it "great cinema" but it's full of action, great looking aliens and lots of suspense.  It stars Aaron Eckhart ("Thank you for Smoking" "Rabbit Hole") as the weathered military man who has just submitted his resignation and, of course, gets called in for his last assignment when the aliens invade.  It also stars Ramon Rodriguez ("The Wire" "The Taking of Pelham 123") as the young 2nd Lt. who finds himself in a leadership role he never imagined, Bridget Moynahan ("The Sum of All Fears" "I, Robot") as the civilian veterinarian who has to assist in figuring out how to kill the aliens in a very disturbing way, Michael Pena ("World Trade Center" "Babel") as the civilian father who's bravery saves the day, and of course, Michelle Rodriguez ("Avatar" "Lost") as the usual character she always plays.  But this time it serves the story well and she brings some needed humor.  I truly enjoyed this film, even though the story is an old one.  It brought a new twist to the genre by making it more of a war film.  Go see it if you love these movies like I do, I don't think you'll be disappointed.  

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