Friday, February 18, 2011

Best Actress Nominations

Let's go through these nominees one by one:

Nicole Kidman for "Rabbit Hole" - I have not seen this movie yet and I'm not sure I will.  The subject matter of the film (parents dealing with the death of their only son) has stopped me.  Nicole Kidman is almost always spot on with her performances so I am not surprised that she would be nominated, especially in a year that did not provide all that many starring roles for women.

Michelle Williams for "Blue Valentine" - I saw this movie right after it came out and was quite undone by it.  Michelle plays a woman struggling with losing her marriage and the film is told in flashback form where we are thrown back and forth throughout her relationship with Ryan Gosling (who should have been nominated as well) in an almost manic form.  Michelle is wonderful in the part, although I felt her pain at the end more than I felt her joy in the beginning.  She is an actress who's face shows so much emotion that it's hard not to get caught up in her.  I liked her very much in this part and I am very excited to see what else she does in the future. 

Jennifer Lawrence for "Winter's Bone" -  I also saw this film in the theatre right after it was released and was blown away.  It is not a happy story but I was mesmerized by Jennifer Lawrence, never having seen her or heard about her before I saw this.  Her gripping portrayal of a young teenage girl trying to save her family in the Ozark backwoods is so touching and heartbreaking that I came out of the theatre afraid that I would still be in the woods.  She brought a fierce determination to the role that is not to be forgotten. 

Natalie Portman for "Black Swan" - I have seen this film twice and liked it and Natalie much better the second time.  It is a very odd role, especially for someone as beautiful as Natalie, however, she brings a kind of tenderness and fragility to the role that is much needed.  She gave a wonderful performance as a ballet dancer crumbling before our eyes but it was not my favorite performance of the year. 

Annette Bening for "The Kid's Are All Right" - I have seen this movie twice and both times I was struck by the honesty of Annette's performance as "Nick."  She brings this character alive and provides the glue that holds the film together.  Nick is a hard-working woman who loves her family and when she is faced with it's demise, she lays her heart out for all to see (something that is obviously hard for her to do) and Annette plays the role with such aplomb and guts, that as I watched her, I felt as if I was truly watching a real woman fight to keep her family together.  My vote for Best Actress this year would go to Annette. 

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