Saturday, July 31, 2010

Couldn't be any better.....

That about sums up this next film: 

 "Toy Story 3" 

If you haven't seen it yet - GO!  Even if you didn't see the first two films, this one will delight you, both visually and emotionally.  Of course, if you have seen the first two then it is imperative that you finish the series and GO SEE THIS BEFORE IT LEAVES THE THEATRE! 

From the first opening sequence, this film does what so many mainstream adult films do not - it captures you with a cohesive story with action scenes that make sense and move the story along.  The plot builds on itself until the final moments of the film when it comes to a satisfying conclusion.  The story is that Andy is now 17 and is about to leave for college.  While Andy is cleaning out his room (for some reason his mom is giving his room to his little sister - not nice) he divides his toys up into those he wants to give away and those he wants to keep.  Lucky Woody is elected to be the one toy that goes to college with him.  But the bags get confused and all the toys end up being donated to a preschool.  Mayhem develops as the toys realize they've been discarded and the preschool is not the wonderful place they thought it might be.  There are some wonderful new characters, and the heart of this movie franchise is never lost, especially when Woody manages to escape from Andy's car when he realizes that his pals are in jeopardy. 

The visuals are stunning and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it in 3d, although I think it would be just as good in high quality HD.  This film made me laugh, cry, cheer, and it had me on the edge of my seat.  Not bad for a cartoon.  I'm continually amazed at how sophisticated and well-done these "kids" movies are.  I've said it before but I'm gonna say it again - mainstream Hollywood, please take note.  

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